Scouting Agent Program

Our product is awesome! Here is your chance to help sell it to your friends, family, and neighbors. 

We are a company that highly values integrity and customer satisfaction. Around 80% of the reporting past customers who have tried our product say even if they didn’t buy that they got significant value from our trial. Over 70% of this same group got so much value that they would be likely to refer a friend.

Become Qualified

The Scouting Agent program is designed to help non-qualified Lites become qualified.

Introduce Contacts

Scouting agents make introductions to the CODs to accumulate commissions. 

No Selling Required

Agents are still learning, therefore they are not required to do any presentations or sales.


Since you are helping sell our product, you get access to over $800 /month in benefits right out of the gate


Qualified Scouting Agents get Green Chart and Indicators complementary valued at $379.99 /month


Qualified Scouting Agents get continued access to all Lite webinars ant Trainings valued at $250 /month


Qualified Scouting Agents get complementary Agent Training valued at $200 /month

Agent Commissions

Imagine earning an extra $750 /month. This could be the difference in getting you out of debt. This could be the difference in getting you into a coaching program for yourself. You would be able to upgrade your living conditions or allow you to invest in other ventures. Take a look at the commission structure below and see for yourself!

Pro Funded

  • Quick and Easy


  • Best Value for Customers


  • VIP Package

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