What is CODsync

CODsync is the Official Trade Support Internal Tool for working with all of our Customers-On-Demand. For Sales Teams, its the new home for all the tools and resources they need to manage their Members and generate Sales!

Sales Benefits

Hover over each of the boxes below to see a little more about the types of information Sales Teams will have access to in CODsync


See notes about emails, calls, texts, appointments and many other interactions between the Trader and a Sales Team

Trader Information

Contact Information, membership details, card on file, billing dates and more

Login Activity

See which days Traders have logged into the site as well as streaks of daily logins

Learning Progress

See how far along in each course or lesson a Trader is. See the scores they are getting on the exams.

Sales History

Access to all the purchases the Trader has made in the past

Create Sales

Sell Upgrades & Add-Ons directly to the customer 24/7 without help from Trade Support

Membership Information

See Billing Dates, Membership Status, and Card On File

Team Management

See Reps, Team Members and other support staff

Logging In & Password Management

When logging into CODsync, if you need assistance with password, you can select the Password Help option. You’ll be prompted to provide the email address on file for your CODsync account. If found we’ll send you a magic link to allow you to set a new password and log in. 

Key Resources

Quick Links

QuickLinks are available in CODsync to help you jump to the most common resources you need, as quickly as possible. 

QuickLinks are located in the upper right corner of CODsync

Search Icon
This opens the Trader Lookup tool explained below.

Help Icon
This opens the Troubleshooting Knowledgebase explained to the right.

Bell Icon
Soon, this will be where Notifications from Trade Support can be sent to you directly inside of CODsync.

Bug Icon
If you are encountering unexpected issues and troubleshooting fails, you can click here to submit a Trade Support Request.

Troubleshooting Knowledgebase

This should always your first stop when providing support to a Trader or when encountering unexpected issues yourself. Whether in Trader University, GreenChart, a Billing Issue, or even CODsync itself, this Knowledgebase will allow you to resolve many issues in real time, with no wait time needed from Trade Support.

Trade Support does its best to add new information as we discover it. However, if you find a work around to an issue, we encourage you to share with us so we can add it to our knowledgebase. 

Trader Lookup

The Trader Lookup is the fastest way to jump to a specific Trader and get important information and details. Hover over each of the icons below to explore more about the information available. You can lookup a Trader by Name, Email or Phone Number.

Customer HUD

The Customer HUD is a Heads Up Display available on the top of any pages for which you are viewing a Trader. This HUD gives you access to important information that is most commonly needed. However, should you not need to see this information, the HUD can be collapsed using the button in the upper right corner. However over each of the icons below to learn more about the information available to you. 

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