The Sales Pipeline

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The Sales Pipeline is designed to be your best friend. This will be where you can see all of your Traders current and past, as well as those currently On-Hold. You’ll also be able to see all of your Scouting Agents and manage their compliance with their agreements. From the Sales Pipeline, you can jump into any Trader’s Customer File to see amazing insights and track your interactions.
In the future, the Sales Pipeline will expose you to Trader Scores, a system designed to help identify those who are getting the most out of our tools, and those that are most likely to Upgrade or purchase Add-Ons.
Let’s explore the Sales Pipeline in a little more detail to see how it can benefit you in your Sales Goals.


CODsync uses Tabs to help organize content and focus on specific information or tasks. Hover over each of the cards below to explore more about what each Tab in the Sales Pipeline contains


Active Lites! New Signups are always top


Active Upgraded Traders. Most recent Upgrades are always on top


Your current Scouting Agents referring you leads


Inactive (former) Lites. A great pool of potential future business


Former Members. Maintaining relationships for potential future business


Your Lites & Members currently on hold

Tab Lists

Each Tab contains a similar list of Traders. With the exception of the Lites and Ex-Lites Tab, all Tabs will also have the Trader Level. Hover over the blue circles below to learn more about what the information is and how to use it. 

The Customer File

The Customer File in CODsync stores all of the important information about each Customer (Traders)  in our system. It’s also the home of various controls such as the Sales Form (in the future) to help you perform work around a specific Trader.

You’ll have access to two Tabs. These tabs are designed to help focus on a specific goal. The Progress Tab records interactions with Traders and provides much insight into the Trader’s Day Trading University activity.  

The Sales tab contains a list of all of the purchases this Trader has made so you can see they types of things they purchase and how often and how much they spend. 

The Progress Tab


With Interactions you’ll be able to record your calls, emails, text messages, and many other interactions you have with your Trader. Simply select the type of interaction and provide notes. 

In the future, other interactions such as attending webinars will also be included. This information can later be used to score the Traders and provide Sales Teams with insight into the most likely Traders to Upgrade.

Hover over the blue circles below to discover a little more about interactions. 

Daily Logins

With Daily Logins, you can quickly and easily see what days Traders are logging in and making use of Day Trader University content and resources. 

In the future, GreenChart will provide information around activity the Traders are taking on their platform as well. 

Login Streaks

Login Streak is when a Trader visits Day Trader University three or more consecutive days. Login Streaks can be a great indication of interest in continuing the journey to becoming an Upgraded Member.

Learning Progress

Day Trading University has a very powerful Learning Management System that is geared towards providing structured education, as well as tracking progress in real time. Progress from this system is available in CODsync allowing you to discover Traders more likely to upgrade. 

The Learning Progress displays a list of Courses the Trader has started or completed on Day Trading University. 

Course Details

You can click on any course to expand the details of the learning progression of the Trader. Hover over the gold circles below to explore more about the progress the Trader is making through their learning. 


We’ve introduced you to a lot of information in this Lesson. Let’s review some of the key information that will help you be more successful at closing sales. Click on each of the circles below for a quick review of key takeaways. 

Sales Pipeline

The Sales Pipeline will be your best friend. It's your starting point into finding and working with all the Traders in your business. It's also where you can manage your Agents to ensue they are following through on their commitments.

Trader List

Each Tab in the Sales Pipeline groups your Traders based on the type of work you are doing. Lets, Members, Agents, and more. Each of these tabs contains a list of Traders including their contact information and billing dates for quick reference. From these lists, you can open the Customer File.

Customer File

The Customer File stores all of the important information about your Trader. It gives you access to the Customer HUD, and all the important information it contains, as well as access to the Sales History of the Trader and access to Trader Progress


Record personal interactions with your Trader. Review any interactions that Trader has made with you or your Sales Team. Interactions will be your personal Notebook to record your progress and notes towards closing the sale. 

Daily Activity

With Daily Logins you can quickly see when your Trader is active on Day Trader University. Login Streaks will help you see long periods of activity for your Trader indicating readiness to upgrade or purchase Add-Ons.

Learning Progress

Learning Progress gives you insight into the Trader's learning activity on Day Trader University. You can see what courses the Trader has started, what courses are completed, how long it took them, and even jump right into the lesson for a review with the Trader if needed.

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