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Gary Nowak asked 3 years ago

Live account for several weeks with new FinX. Cant get what I had with Demo.Left upper automatic corner buy,sell,spread, window and click and drag for take profit and stop loss. Also have no idea how to get FX Pro? The statistical analysis of my trades. Thanks, Gary.

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JenniferAlvarez answered 3 years ago

In order to get your quick buy and sell buttons in the upper left corner you will need to first make sure you are properly connected to your account. You will then make sure that the currency pair that is displayed on your chart has an underscore at the end of the pair. For example for the Euro USD pair it needs to be displayed as EURUSD_   You will noticed the underscore at the end of the pair. they must all have that character at the end in order to display your buy and sell buttons. As for your spread window, you will need to click on “View” in the upper left corner then make sure that “Market Watch” is selected. it will bring up the window you are lookin for. If you have any other questions please call us at 800-301-7482. 

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