Tuition Funding

Tuition Funding

The names of potential tuition funding lenders follows below.

You have recognized the substantial value of our system based upon our: (1) proprietary indicators with ~90% trade winning proven ~20 years, (2) Company funding, (3) 1-to-1 personalized expert coaching, and (4) ample support.

Needed is coaching to access the indicators and Company funding (with the Pro Funded and Executive programs) to begin real money trading and profits.

If needed, the funding options listed below are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Company or its affiliates.  The following information is provided only as a courtesy of what has been seen to be effective funding sources for other Trade Demo members.


The following represent a growing list of how other members have found tuition funding.

Self Financing
Existing funds or credit:
♦ Personal savings.
♦ Cashing out 401K or other investments.
♦ Current home equity credit.
♦ Current credit cards.
♦ Sell things, it is worth it (4-wheelers, boats, extra car, etc.)
♦ Get another job for a time.
Traditional Financing (see lender ideas below)
Good / excellent credit, collateral, … based loans:
♦ New interest free credit card for 15, 18, or even more months.
(search the internet for the current best card deals)
♦ New home equity line of credit.
♦ Loan on a car, truck, or boat.

Non-Traditional Financing (see lender ideas below)
No / poor credit, no collateral, … based loans:
♦ Donations or loans from family or friends.
♦ Personal / signature loans.

Company Payment Plans
$500 financing fee and based on your word and actions:
♦ Single Payment = Fully Paid (Start Day).
♦ Two equal payments = 1/2 Paid (Start Day) + 1/2 Paid (Day 30).
♦ Three equal payments = 1/3 Paid (Day 0) + 1/3 Paid (Day 30) + 1/3 Paid (Day 60).
Company Marketing Representative (Rep)
Based on your word and actions:
♦ See below for a more full description.
♦ Be paid when a person you introduce upgrades with tuition training.
♦ Instead of cash, be compensated free months of indicators with upgrade.
Combination of sources
♦ Any combination of funding sources can be sought.


The following are found to be helpful when completing your loan application. Essentially show a sense of detail in the application.

Credit Score – Provide an accurate estimate. Lenders often will first make a soft credit inquiry as a first assessment of both credit worthiness and applicant honesty. If your credit score statement falls wildly outside the credit range they obtain then the applicant is often deemed disqualified.

Income Claims – Do not just quickly put down, as an example $53,000. That looks like a guess to the lender. Put a more realistic estimate, for example $53,325. Where income estimates are requested, some Trade Demo members include what they believe will be a realistic coming year income that includes their day trade income, so higher than their current income.

Credit Purpose – The available reasons for using the credit in a drop down list, or such, do not always include the right choices. Lenders are most comfortable with personal or signature loans used for consolidation of debt.

Amount Requested – Many Trade Demo members will request as much as possible and just use what they need, or request a couple thousand more than needed.  When considering the amount you may consider adding funds to cover fees and even loan payments for the first six or so months. Many find this helps them focus on coaching and trading and get their trading up and profitable without funding issues.


Consider the following when assessing lending for coaching tuition.

Interest Rates – Using non-traditional lenders can result in non-traditional interest rates, but may not be the most important consideration as discussed in the next statements.

Loan Payoff – Note that most of our members that loan money for their coaching tuition paid that loan back in well less than a year.

Higher Interest Rate Perspective – Expect to pay off your loan within the year. As such, the actual interest accrued will be much less than someone that expects to keep the loan for 4, 5, 6, or more years. Remember that your loan is not going towards a vacation, a depreciating car, etc. but an education associated with a proven income generating system of ~90% trade winning indicators, a Company funded account, expert personalized coaching, and other ample support. By skillfully trading the markets with this proven system you have a means of earning an income that can be used in part or full to pay off any needed tuition loan funds.

Just Another Month Perspective – Consider this second thought. Let’s estimate that your interest accrued over the course of one year is $2,000. At about the one year mark after coaching is finished you could be trading up to $100,000 of our Company money using our proven system. With your current experience or understanding of our day trading system, you may recognize that in the course of a month your profits could be $2,000 or more. As such, even if you owed $2,000 in interest, under what was just considered, you would simply need to trade one more month to pay off any such interest. Resultantly, a higher non-traditional interest rate can be trivial in comparison to the power available from our day trade system to generate an income.

Reward And Risk – The Trade Demo is your opportunity to see the power of our day trade system for you. Remember that there is both substantial reward and substantial risk associated with trading and past performance may not be indicative of future results. When you recognize how this system can work for you, then we do encourage your to upgrade into coaching to be more fully trained to trade our Company money for the profits you do seek.


Other traditional lenders exist, but the following is our first recommended source(s). If the following are not suitable then seek a local traditional funding provider.

Often approved at 680 Credit Score or better.
Interest free for 15, 18, or 21 months.

To continually update this list and assess the appropriateness those listed send your experience with the lender(s) you used to [email protected]


Current experienceThe following represent what represent the most commonly available sources of tuition funding under non-traditional circumstances.

Pay Wise, Inc.
Currently down to a 640 Credit Score.
No hard credit hit until loan accepted
No income verification.
Application sent to numerous lenders that then make offers.

Lending Club
Consolidates debt, then lends more.
Often responding to a Pay Wise loan broadcast.

Frequently provides offers.
Often responds to a Pay Wise loan broadcast.

Fat Cat Financial, LLC
Contact Donald by email
[email protected]
Personal, business, hard money, … loans.
$5,000 to millions.
5%+ interest accuring the first month.
Up to 15 years loan terms.
Already knows this will be used for day trading education.

To continually update this list and assess the appropriateness those listed send your experience with the lender(s) you used to [email protected]


We find credit repair to be an effective next action to tuition funding where credit scores may be low enough to prevent needed loan services. To continually update this list and assess the appropriateness those listed send your experience with the lender(s) you used to [email protected]

Look locally, seek recommendation, or search the internet for viable credit repair service providers.

Kimberly Ellsworth

We are gathering credit repair service providers that have shown to be effective. Ask your Trade Demo Mentor for any such contacts.

Be mindful that credit repair service providers do charge for their services, often $500 – $800, but this can open up opportunity for full tuition funding.


Other lenders that have come to our attention that work with non-traditional funding.

www.Top10PersonalLoans.com (10 quotes)
www.CreditKarma.com (Look under Loans tab) (several quotes)
offers.LendingTree.com (various quotes)
www.NerdWallet.com (10 quotes)
www.MACU.com (Unusually flexible credit union, See Loans) (see other credit unions)
www.JustinePetersen.org (a new small start up business load approach)
www.Fundera.com (a new small start up business load approach)
Others (search the web nationally and locally)

To continually update this list and assess the appropriateness those listed send your experience with the lender(s) you used to [email protected]


As a reminder, the above listings are not affiliated with the Company or its own affiliates. The above information is provide only as a courtesy to share some insight in funding options that have worked for other Trade Demo members or that have otherwise seemed appropriate potential fund sources. Complete your own due diligence for any lender you wish to engage as each Trade Demo member’s circumstances differ.  Also, it is prudent to recall that there is both reward and risk associated with day trading and that past performance may not be indicative of future results.

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